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Energy Reduction and building efficiency are the most productive measures to implement an energy saving strategy. Designing to reduce a buildings energy demands is much more cost effective and easier to implement than adding energy to correct a design fault. Poor energy management is energy wasted, independent of renewable or fossil fueled sources.

All Around The House Energy provides the following services for commercial and residential structures to assist in the design of new energy efficient buildings and to identify energy leaks in existing buildings.

Building Energy Audit:

  • Why are my energy bills so high?
  • Where is this draft coming from?
  • How do I fix it?

On an existing building our energy specialists identify key areas of energy use, heating, cooling, water heating, lighting and process energy and identify a scope of work to prioritize and address energy issues the most effective way. Experience has taught us, that some of simplest and least expensive solutions are often the most effective.

Building Energy Modeling:

Using specialized computer modeling tools our energy specialists can calculate how energy efficient your building can be. What are the most cost efficient measures to implement? Building energy optimization can reduce capital investment in over sized, less efficient heating & cooling systems.

Energy Efficient Lighting:

Commercial buildings can benefit greatly by optimal energy efficient lighting. Proper lighting improves sales in retail environments and improve productivity in office and manufacturing settings. High efficiency lighting reduce heating loads and reduce air conditioning cooling costs. In schools, offices and residential settings "Natural Daylighting" improved mental acuity. There is much more to lighting than meets the eye!

HVAC Efficiency:

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning historically has been the focus of energy efficiency. Actually most building are designed and the HVAC system is a remedial process to address the buildings energy faults. Our energy specialists believe in integrating the building and the HVAC system. A well designed building will need a smaller less costly more efficient HVAC system.